Four and a Dog

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About This Blog

I’ve always found it quite therapeutic to write about things that are happening in my life so I’ve decided it’s about time I started writing a blog. On the whole I suspect this will mainly be of interest to future me, looking back at this time whilst rolling my eyes at my cringeworthy naivety and poor grammar. However, I believe this may also interest the odd relative and a smattering of friends and so I am opening my thoughts up to the public at large. Just in case I also grab the interest of passing strangers, and to avoid embarrassment, I will be cleverly disguising the names of my family.

Let me introduce them to you:

I am The Mummy. I used to be other things but now my life is purely defined by my role as mother and therefore this shall be my name. I think that’s probably what it said in the bible so who am I to argue.

My husband will be known as Hubby. He still has a life outside of the realms of parenthood and as I find it a little odd to call him Daddy, he gets to be known by one of his other roles.

Diva is my 2/nearly 3 year old daughter. This is the name we should have given her legally.

Bruiser is my 3month old son. He got this name during my pregnancy due to the daily internal beatings I received.

Uncle M is the dog. He came before the children and thinks he is helpful…, but he isn’t. He is also the .4 in our little family.

Life is currently exhausting. I know that countless women before me have battled on with far more children than I have in far poorer conditions; strapping babies to each of their limbs whilst harvesting the fields and still managing to put a fine meal on the table for her family of 29. I am not one of those women nor do I have any intention of becoming one. Most of them were miserable and alot of them died young. This does not seem ideal. I think I’ll be the sort of woman that has 2 children and an over active dog, who occasionally cleans and has been known to put dinner on the table for a special occasion.

On the whole I am blindly finding my way through life as much as the next person. Occasionally I get things right and am often disappointed that this is not accompanied by some sort of party or prize giving. I also often get things wrong and generally these times are funnier (eventually). In this blog I hope to inform you of both.


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