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My Curse and My Salvation

A very dear friend of mind kindly passed on a piece of baby equipment that I both love and hate. It is called a Moby Wrap. Essentially it is a ridiculously long piece of stretchy material that is absurdly overpriced (as is anything with the tag line, ‘baby’) and very complicated to initially use.


I had seen my friend use it many times with her baby and been hugely envious of her ability to continue with everyday life as if there wasn’t a baby permanently attached to her. When it was my turn to try and use it, I had to study a variety of YouTube videos and managed to tie myself in a multitude of knots – and I wasn’t even going for the really complicated versions.

However, I really loved the fact that I could pretty much do anything but extreme sports whilst wearing this thing. Bruiser literally came everywhere with me: to the shops, playgroups with Diva and even a ladies pamper evening. He loved being able to look around at everything and would fall asleep with ease. I knew he was secure and content but I also had the full use of my arms for tidying, cooking and playing. It also became quite good fun to surprise people with the fact that I had a baby under my coat. Bruiser briefly became known as Ninja Baby.

Then, as time progressed, and Bruiser became heavier, I decided it was time to start putting him in to a buggy to get around or else start to suffer from long term back trouble. Diva’s favourite game is chasing and I really began to feel like I was in some sort of intensive, army training camp. Unfortunately Bruiser had spent almost his entire life attached to me and did not like the idea of being anywhere else.

Weeks of battling commenced and we are now finally at a point where Bruiser does not live on me. My back may never be the same but as Bruiser did not like sleeping anywhere other than on me, I really don’t know what I would have done without my Moby Wrap.

Thus it has been my salvation and my curse. For those of you with babies, or expecting babies, I would definitely consider buying one from eBay or finding a generous friend like mine. However, if you are likely to have a large baby don’t buy one and good luck with the whole birth thing- I salute you.

This woman is either the strongest woman to walk this Earth or completely insane.



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3 thoughts on “My Curse and My Salvation

  1. Giant, orange baby alert!

  2. Paragraph 3! Real-name slip alert!

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