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Plaster Magic

Diva is not a particularly adventurous child, but she is two and therefore has a tendency to fall over quite a lot. Her legs often resemble a map of bruises, charting her various tumbles and bumps. However, she has only cut herself three times. Once she took a dive across the pavement whilst running and grazed her knees; once she missed a step and cut her lip; and yesterday she caught her thumb on a table.

Apparently, a small cut on the thumb is possibly the worst injury that could ever happen to a two year old girl. It required a few applications of magic cream, several magic kisses and had to be talked about, a lot.

After a night of thumb sucking, “the worst injury that could ever happen” was looking quite sore so Super Daddy came to the rescue and put a plaster on it. Well, did you know that a plaster is the best thing, ever? It is to Diva. I wish I’d known that before getting her a doll house for Christmas.

Diva loves going to her pre-school but every time we get her ready to go she declares, “I no want to go to Nursery anymore!” Not today. Today Diva couldn’t wait to go. Holding her thumb before her like a prized trophy, she marched through the front doors of Nursery and showed every single last person her amazing plaster. It wasn’t even a novelty plaster with cartoon characters or patterns on it, just a plain, everyday plaster. I have a feeling that she’s going to be asking for a new plaster every morning for a while. On the plus side, it may actually start to dissuade her from sucking her thumb.


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