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Night Noises

Diva and Bruiser have had a lovely day today playing with their Nana and Grampy. Bruiser has been walked around by a variety of family members and Diva has searched for creatures (her toy animals); dressed Nana in a fine assortment of plastic jewellery; and pretended to be a tortoise with a Bumbo on her back.

All the excitement has had a different effect on my two children. Bruiser has actually had a full daytime nap- unheard of. Diva has decided that she no longer requires sleep. We have heard every excuse possible, from sudden toilet urges to monster attacks.

Here is our conversation:

Mummy: It’s definitely time to go to sleep sweetheart. Mummy has checked everywhere and there are no more monsters.
Diva: You told them to go away Mummy?
Mummy: Yes. I told them all that they were not invited and sent them away.
Diva: They went away?
Mummy: Yes. Mummy doesn’t allow monsters in this house so they had to go away.
Diva: Were they sad?
Mummy: What?
Diva: The monsters were sad because Mummy was cross.
Mummy: Yes, but they said sorry so I’m not cross anymore (what have I started?).
Diva: Maybe they’ll go to the park and play.
Mummy: Why not….sure…(uh oh)…but they won’t be allowed in the park when all the boys and girls are playing. Only when everyone is asleep.
Diva: Okay.
Mummy: Right, time to go to sleep.
Diva: But there are noises, Mummy.
Mummy: (Seriously?!?) Well let’s see what noises we can hear. I can hear someone watching the tele next door and the water in your radiator making your room nice and warm.
Diva: And the lizard.
Mummy: The lizard?
Diva: The lizard with a wooden leg that lives in my clock that goes, “toc, toc.”
Mummy: (She doesn’t even have a clock in her bedroom) Okay, well he sounds like a friendly lizard so that’s fine.
Diva: Yes. And I can hear the chicken.
Mummy: (I know I probably shouldn’t have asked, but…) The chicken?
Diva: The chicken with the bag. You need to put money in the bag, Mummy.
Mummy: Well I’ll try to remember to do that before I go to bed.
Diva: And there’s a giant lizard, Mummy. He’s the other lizard’s Daddy. Let’s find more noises, Mummy.

At this point I finally realised that this had become a game and told Diva it was definitely time for bed. She still wouldn’t settle so I sent in Hubby to have a go. He’s been up there for half an hour so far. I can only presume that he didn’t put money in the chicken’s bag.


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