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Coffee Shop Guilt

I am currently sat in a coffee shop without any children. The guilt is immense. It feels unnatural- like someone has severed my limbs and hidden them from me in some weird game of hide and seek. Just to add to this awful feeling, Diva barricaded my exit through the front door with cries of, “Don’t go, Mummy!”

I now know how Hubby feels every morning.

Soon my maternity pay will run out and we are trying to find ways that I can make money from home. Hubby had the good idea of me trying to resurrect my writing in an attempt to sell it. I am very easily distracted at home so I have sloped off to a coffee shop with wi-fi to try and focus my ideas.

So far I have edited a short play I wrote a few years ago and written most of a crappy, magazine style story. Unsurprisingly, both are based in a coffee shop. I may need to find a few more writing venues.


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