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Sweet Reward

Diva’s behaviour tends to be a bit…temperamental these days. We’ve tried a variety of strategies to encourage the good stuff and discourage the bad, and sometimes they even work. Recently Diva and I made a glorious paper mountain, complete with a snow capped peak. Rather than include a picture, I will leave it to your imagination- just remember to make it glorious!

Diva’s goal is to reach the flag at the top. She does this by moving her photographic self along a felt tip path, via ten brightly coloured rest points. If she does what she is told to do she goes up and if she doesn’t she climbs back down.

I know there are a million and one theories about whether this is a good system or not but I really don’t care. I have seen it successfully used elsewhere so we’re going to try it. I’ll let you know if it’s a complete failure or a marvellous success. So far it’s great. It took a couple of days for her to really understand how it works, and for Hubby and I to remember to use it, but it seems to be working now.

After a few trips up and down (it’s a good job it’s not a real mountain) Diva made it to the top and decided she would like to get a cake as a reward. Today we went out to buy a cake and came home with a cookie- close enough.

Unfortunately, Diva thought that was the end of it and wasn’t quite so pleased to find herself at the bottom of the mountain again. After a bit of explaining I told her she could choose what her next reward might be. Initially she told me she didn’t know so I gave her a few ideas: “You could get a book or a toy or a puzzle or some chocolates or we could go visit somewhere.”

After a brief think, she chose her prize: ” I want to go visit G.”

G is her lovely cousin. How sweet is that!

Unfortunately he lives about two and a half hours away, so not great for a day trip. Luckily we’re going to visit them soon anyway. I just need to plan her trip up the mountain a bit more carefully.


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One thought on “Sweet Reward

  1. fourandadog on said:

    Today Diva had mysteriously moved up a rest point on the mountain. I asked her who had moved her up the mountain. She replied, “Me…no, Daddy moved me up. I be a good girl.”

    She may not always be good but she is definitely a clever one.

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