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Soppy Alert

St. Valentine’s Day is just another excuse to make us spend money these days, and if this is the only day of the year that you remember to appreciate another person then that is very sad.

However, I love it! When I was younger I would wait anxiously to see if someone was finally going to declare their undying love to me. Each year I would get a card from an anonymous person, otherwise known as my mum, and although it wasn’t from ‘that guy’ I was obsessed with for that year, I still appreciated it and thought it was very sweet. On a couple of occasions I even sent one, but obviously denied all knowledge of it each time.

One year, when I was very young, I was given a pack of Mickey Mouse cards for my birthday that had hearts on them. On Valentine’s Day I thought it would be a nice idea to send one to all the boys in my class (keep my options open). I was mocked mercilessly.

These days I see Valentine’s Day as a reminder that I am not just a mum. I am incredibly lucky to have a wonderful husband to share this parenting malarkey with. He is supportive, caring, funny and gorgeous (which helps).

So this is my Valentine’s message to my lovely Hubby Valentine- I love you and can’t think of anyone I’d rather do this life thing with. xxxx

(I warned you it was soppy)


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One thought on “Soppy Alert

  1. Four and a Dog on said:

    As an aside, Hubby sent me a graph of a heart today. Love it!

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