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Put the Sprinkles Down

In honour of Valentine’s Day, Diva and I decided to make some cakes. Diva was very excited about this. She really likes cakes. She checked with me several times that the cakes would also have icing on them so I showed her the picture in the book. She then became even more excited about the possibility of sprinkles.

First thing in the morning she reminded me that I had promised that we would make cakes. I confirmed that I was aware of the promise, and even got out the recipe book and the ingredients to prove that I was a mother of my word. Diva’s eyes lit up when she saw the tube of sprinkles. Unfortunately, I was almost out of flour so needed to make a trip to the supermarket before any cake making could commence.

“Before we make cakes, how about we go and visit the shop and get some really cool stuff like flour and…shampoo?”
“But you said we could make cakes.”
“We could also get a magazine with stickers.”

Bribery wins again.

Diva talked about the cakes most of the way home from the supermarket and was very anxious to start the process straight away. She really enjoyed watching me measure out the ingredients and loved whisking the egg, but then her attention started to wane.

“Can I put the sprinkles on now?”
“Not yet. We have to put all the ingredients together and then put them in the oven to cook.”
“Because that’s how we make cakes.”
“Then we can put the sprinkles on?”
“No, then we have to let them cool down.”
“Because otherwise they will burn us and make the icing melt.”
“Then, when they cool down, I can put sprinkles on?”

The second I put the first batch of cakes in the oven, Bruiser started screaming for food. Needless to say, the first batch were a little overdone. Whilst putting the second batch in the oven…

“I can put the sprinkles on now?”
“No, the cakes are still cooking.”
“What about these?”
“They’re still too warm.”
“Because they’ve only just come out of the oven.”
“And they will make the ice melt?”
“Yes, they will melt the icing.”
“When they cool down, I can put sprinkles on.”

The second batch were more successful. I left them to cool and then started the process of mixing icing sugar. I have learnt from previous experience not to let Diva near icing sugar unless I want my entire kitchen covered in the stuff. Therefore, the icing was made in secret while Diva was playing with her toys. However, she caught on to me when she heard the mixer.

“I can do sprinkles now?”
“Well let’s put the icing on first.”
“So that the sprinkles have something to stick to.”
“Because otherwise they will all fall off.”
“Oh. You do that bit, Mummy. I want to do the sprinkles.”

I placed the cakes on a plate and handed her the tube of sprinkles. Yes…that’s right…you heard me…I HANDED HER THE TUBE OF SPRINKLES! Idiot. Diva did exactly what you would expect a two year old who had been handed a tube of sprinkles to do. She gleefully turned the tube upside down and emptied it all over one cake.

“Put the sprinkles down!”
“Just put the sprinkles down.”

I quickly grabbed the tube and closed the lid, pointlessly. We both then stared at the one cake sat in a sea of coloured sprinkles, the icing no longer visible. I stayed calm and proceeded to demonstrate how Diva could sprinkle the sprinkles on to the other cakes from the vast amounts of sprinkles that we’re now on the plate.

At first this was fine. Three cakes later…

“I don’t want to do sprinkles anymore, Mummy?”
“I don’t like doing sprinkles.”
“Can I eat them now?”


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