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Cursed Day

Sunday was a day we were not meant to enjoy. All powers conspired together to taunt us and laugh at our inability to succeed.

It began badly- a warning that we foolishly chose to ignore. Bruiser had kept me awake for a large section of the night due to his teething/cold/warped sense of humour. When I finally realised it actually was morning, I handed him over to Hubby and returned to bed (I should point out that Hubby is more than willing to help out during the night, but I feel that two exhausted parents dealing with a baby and toddler is far worse than one). Once I felt human again, I joined the family to discuss the days plan. We had already decided on two options: if it was dry we would go to the local farm; if it was wet we would go swimming. It was very, very wet with a touch of snow…

Swimming, it is. During the packing of swimming essentials Bruiser decided to scream and Diva decided to torment the dog enough to earn a trip to the naughty spot. Time was ticking on and the window for using the pool was rapidly diminishing. Then I realised my swimsuit was torn. I debated calling the whole thing off but felt determined to get everybody out. I sewed quickly and we left for the pool…

Which was full. After a brief panic and a calm explanation to an upset toddler we tried to think of an alternative plan…

Soft play. We drove quickly back to the house to grab baby food and headed off. The drive was calm and the children slept. We started to think that maybe our luck was changing. The soft play area is in a garden centre (of course it is) with a fairly nice restaurant. We started with lunch and then looked had a look around. During our time there, I angered one woman by accidentally bumping her daughter’s high chair with my buggy and another by being sat at a table which she thought was free. Clearly we were not the only ones to be having a bad day. Eventually we decided to brave the soft play…

Which was full. Apparently on busy days they operate a timetabled system which I have never seen before. There was no way we could tell Diva that yet another thing she loved to do was closed so we signed up for the next session 45 minutes later. We filled the time with cake bribery and games, but she was pretty fed up. As apparently was Bruiser, who started screaming so much that the entire world stared at us with judgmental eyes. Hubby decided to take him for a walk while I took Diva to join the queue for soft play…

Which was insane! There were people and buggies everywhere. I ended up in the soft play with Diva and we somehow managed to acquire a small gang of children whose parents were wise enough to stay outside. After over an hour of ‘fun’ it was time to go. Diva was pretty much the only child left. She tried to bury herself in the ball pool but Hubby spotted her hiding place and pulled her out.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty much standard. The usual pacing with Bruiser and calming Diva down for sleep. By bed time Hubby and I were both exhausted. Next weekend I’m phoning everywhere we plan on going in advance. Tickets will be booked and timetables will be made. All references to spontaneity will be growled at.


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