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Diva Wisdom

Diva is always uttering fantastic little gems of wisdom. She may only be two and eleven months but she definitely has her world sussed.

1. I can’t open my mouth to brush my teeth, my leg hurts.
2. Calm down Mummy (said after I asked her to stop jumping on the bed).
3. I can’t go in the river because I too little? (pause) I a bigger girl now, Mummy.
4. When I get littler I can play with the babies toys.
5. Daddy no have boobies.
6. People go in the people box and cars go in the car box.
7. When I a bigger girl I will be bigger.
8. I can’t balance without my skirt.
9. That moon is following me.
10. I like chocolate buttons. They are very nice…Can I have chocolate buttons?


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2 thoughts on “Diva Wisdom

  1. Don’t you love the admonishments from your kid, like Calm down, Mommy? Those are my favorite!

  2. Four and a Dog on said:

    I am regularly told off in this house. I can only presume that she has learnt this from me- oh dear!

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