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Today I am being punished for having a migraine yesterday.

I was woken up by Diva’s early morning call, “Mummy! You need to get me! I awake!” (I should point out that Diva is not locked in her room. Bizarrely she has yet to realise that she can leave her room whenever she likes. We are not going to correct her). I then came downstairs to find a lovely pile of Uncle M vomit that Diva immediately began inspecting. Bruiser is currently working towards winning Teething Baby of the Year and is thus leaking and oozing everywhere whilst crying incessantly. Diva is asking me to play with her every ten seconds while I try desperately to eat a piece of toast, and write this blog post.

Okay, toast is done. I will go and play with Diva and wipe Bruiser’s nose and clean up the vomit and pretend that I am a good parent.


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