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Things I Say to My Kids

There are moments when I hear what I’m saying to my children and think, that sounds ridiculous even by my standards. For example:

You can not be a doctor until all the letters are back in the alphabet box.

You can not go to bed until you’ve done a poo.

Well done! You did a poo. I’m very proud of you.

No, the hippo really doesn’t want to talk anymore. He’s decided to take a vow of silence and go and live under the sofa with the monkey and the policeman.

Hello Diva! I am the moon. Shall we go to the park and play on the swings (This is an ongoing thing that she started months ago. Once we’re in the park, she continues to have conversations with the moon. Oh the looks we have had. This may have something to do with the moons unusual, camp voice that I think may have once featured in a Carry On movie).

Let’s see if Bruiser wants to have a jumperoo while we finish sticking sequins on to the rabbits face.

If we’re really quiet, maybe Bruiser will stay asleep


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