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A New Plaster

Several posts ago I wrote about Diva’s reaction to a plaster. Toady, a new plaster was required. Before you ask, no, she hasn’t been wearing the same plaster for the last few weeks. Diva likes to milk her injuries, but not even she is that committed. A new injury occurred this afternoon.

We were out for our usual walk with Bruiser in the buggy, Uncle M on the lead and Diva weaving in and out of trees, pedestrians and dog muck (pick it up you lazy dog owners!). Diva asked if she could run. She can, but she often falls over. Today was no exception. This time she acquired a small cut on her hand.

After a cuddle the sobbing did not ease off. In the end I promised that when we got home I would get out my medicine box, clean it and put a plaster on it. The sobbing ceased instantly. Diva marched back up the lane cradling her wounded hand in her other hand, whilst also carrying a stick (she collects a lot of sticks on our walks. And stones. I don’t know why. I can only presume that she’s building something).

Once back at the house, there were a few more theatrical sniffs for dramatic effect and then she eagerly waited for the medicine box.

Diva: Will you make it better, Mummy? It really, really hurts.
Mummy: I know, sweetheart. I have to clean it first.
Diva: Be very, very gentle, Mummy.
Mummy: I will try.
Diva: Oooo…that stings.
Mummy: I’m going to spray it with some antiseptic now so that it will get better, okay.?
Diva: Okay…oooo…that’s really, really cold. I don’t like that bit, Mummy.
Mummy: It’s okay. That bit is over now. I’m going to stick the plaster on next.
Diva: Can I have a big plaster, Mummy?
Mummy: Sure.
Diva: I won’t do that again, Mummy.
Mummy: What? Fall over?
Diva: Yes.
Mummy: Well you might, but that’s okay. It’s probably better if you try not to.
Diva: I won’t fall over ever again.
Mummy: Well I wish you lots of luck with that.

The rest of the evening has consisted of Diva ‘struggling’ to eat her food; have a bath; put her pyjamas on. She was very distressed when the plaster came off in the bath but calmed down when she realised it could be replaced with a new one.

I will be trying to convince her to take it off tomorrow so that it can dry out. I’m not liking my chances.


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4 thoughts on “A New Plaster

  1. You’ll hvae to remind her of this day when she falls over after a few glasses of dirty beer!!!!!

  2. You are right there Jo. It could be worse. PJ hated plasters and cream. nightmare for life’s little injuries.

    • Four and a Dog on said:

      My worry is how much Diva seems to love plasters. Thankfully, she really doesn’t like the getting hurt part so maybe they’ll just become a fashion accessory

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