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A Diva Party

Today Diva invited me to her party.

In order to attend the party I had to wear a mask like this one:


And speak in a high pitched, posh voice (let the record state that she started it first).

“Would you like to come to my party? There will be all sorts of things. Here is your mask.”

“Thank you, I would love to come to your party and we…”

“No, not like that Mummy. Talk like me!”

“Sorry…Yes, I would truly love to attend your elegant party. How terribly kind of you to ask.”

I was then invited to join Diva in the kitchen where there would be lots of people dancing. Not wanting to ruin her game, I immediately began spinning about with Bruiser whilst humming a rendition of ‘I’m in the mood for dancing’.

“No more dancing, Mummy.”

I was then offered some refreshments,

“Would you like a lemon and some sweets?”

After I had ‘eaten’ my refreshments, I was told to go home.

Diva hasn’t been to many parties but I really don’t recall any of them being like this.


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