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What Bruiser Likes, or Doesn’t Like

Bruiser likes eating, or sucking, cream cheese sandwiches.
He likes finding pieces of paper and waving them around and then eating them.
He loves grabbing handfuls of grass and clutching them triumphantly and then eating them.
He also enjoys searching out every tiny piece of dropped food, fluff, grime and object small enough to choke on and then eating them.

Bruiser does not enjoy playing on his own AT ALL.
He does not like to sleep without being held.
He’s not altogether keen on being in a car unless it’s nap time.
He really hates there being an absence of food.

Diva Wisdom 3

1. Daddy is late because he is stuck in traffic lights. Someone needs to go and rescue him.
2. It’s not pineapple juice, it’s pine cone juice.
3. Here is your bra for your bogies.
4. No don’t turn the light off, turn the dark on.
5. If you are naughty the policeman will put you in the dungeon.
6. We can’t take Uncle M to the dinosaur museum, he will scare all the dinosaurs away.
7. It’s okay, my bruise will come off in the bath.
8. Bruiser is allowed to eat the people (I would clarify that she means toy people, but he also chews on real people too).
9. I do not have a good sleep in a shopping trolley, do I.
10. You can find the big, bad, worm by looking for big, bad, worm footprints (I dread to think).

Music Class

We have been going to an excellent little music class every Monday. Diva spends it fluctuating from one extreme to another. Sometimes she sits with her back to everyone, arms folded, refusing to join in with the activities. There appears to be no discernible reason for this, I presume she occasionally takes offence at the song choice. The rest of the time she dances about in the centre of the room, the life and soul of the party. At these points she usually attempts to play more than one instrument, whilst singing, dancing and generally trying to take over.

Bruiser spends the whole time eating the instruments, or the socks of whomever he happens to be sat next to at the time.


Today I took Diva shopping for a party dress. Normally I just buy her whatever is on sale or that comes to hand in the supermarket. Don’t get me wrong, it still needs to match. You should see my face if Hubby has dressed her and the socks are the wrong colour or her hair slide doesn’t match. I mean, can you imagine?!? It’s just that we also try not to spend very much on clothes that will only be worn a few times before they’re too small or out of season (weather wise not fashion wise).

Now that Diva has been invited to a couple of parties, I felt it was my duty to make sure she is properly attired. With that in my mind, I decided to take her on a proper shopping trip. Grampy very kindly wandered about with Bruiser while Diva and I hit the shops. Mostly the dresses belonged at weddings or on eighteen year old girls, but eventually we found a few we liked in Next. For the first time ever I took Diva in to the changing rooms to try stuff on. For awhile she enjoyed herself running in and out of the empty cubicles in her underwear. However, after she’d tried on dress number one and seen herself in the mirror, she wanted more. She also wanted to buy all of them.

I explained that she could only have one, so she chose the most expensive. She claims it’s because the net under the skirt helps her to balance- a likely story. She liked it so much she didn’t want to take it off. I promised that she could do a fashion show for Nana when we got home, so she relented. After saying goodbye to all her friends (her many reflections in all the mirrors) we were allowed to head off.

We then walked around some more shops while Diva proudly carried her new dress, in a bag hooked on to the crook of her arm. Our trip ended with a quick stop in Costa coffee for a drink and snack. For a child that has never shown any interest in her clothes, or shopping, she has taken to it like a fish to water. What have I unleashed?

Back at home, she couldn’t wait to get changed in to her new dress and insisted on some music so that she could dance. Nana put on, ‘I Feel Pretty’ from West Side Story- Perfect. The music then changed to various tracks from Glee and included the videos. Diva attempted to copy some of the moves. The Diva bum wiggle may become her signature move.

More Friends of Diva

Things have progressed. Diva’s latest friend apparently shares her name. She also has a baby brother with the same name as Diva’s baby brother; the same shoes as Diva; the same coat as Diva; and the same colour hair as… you guessed it…Diva. Funny, that.

Her other friend is Mean Finger. This is the first finger on her left hand. Mean Finger gets in to all sorts of trouble and points at things quite a lot.

However, all that aside, Diva has been invited to an actual birthday party by an actual person from her Nursery. I think I may be more excited than she is. We actually know the name of someone she goes to Nursery with!

Diva Friends

Whenever I collect Diva from Nursery I always ask about who she has been playing with. We still don’t know many people where we live and I would love Diva to have some more friends. Unfortunately, she always says she can’t remember. After continued quizzing she began to give descriptions instead of names.

“A boy with brown hair.”
“A big girl with yellow hair.”
“The little boy who lives down the lane.”

Diva’s Nursery write little notes for us sometimes about what she’s been doing. One day, the note contained a name. We were very excited and discussed this new friend with Diva, who told us how much she liked J and how they played together. Then we found out that J was one of the Nursery Nurses.

For awhile now it has become a game. Diva regularly tells me about a little boy and girl she plays with whose names I can not find anywhere in the Nursery. In return, I offer her increasingly more bizarre names to see if any of them spark any kind of memory. Diva can tell me all about all of them.

Mummy: Who did you play with today?
Diva: Don’t know.
Mummy: Ella?
Diva: Yes.
Mummy: Tom?
Diva: Yes.
Mummy: Lord Marmaduke?
Diva: Yes.
Mummy: Paddington Bear?
Diva: Yes.
Mummy: What did you play with Paddington Bear?
Diva: Puzzles. He so funny.

Today, when we were driving home, we passed a little girl wearing one of the Nursery jumpers.

Mummy: Look, that little girl goes to your Nursery. Is she one of your friends?
Diva: Yes.
Mummy: What’s her name?
Diva: Bruce.

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