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Diva Friends

Whenever I collect Diva from Nursery I always ask about who she has been playing with. We still don’t know many people where we live and I would love Diva to have some more friends. Unfortunately, she always says she can’t remember. After continued quizzing she began to give descriptions instead of names.

“A boy with brown hair.”
“A big girl with yellow hair.”
“The little boy who lives down the lane.”

Diva’s Nursery write little notes for us sometimes about what she’s been doing. One day, the note contained a name. We were very excited and discussed this new friend with Diva, who told us how much she liked J and how they played together. Then we found out that J was one of the Nursery Nurses.

For awhile now it has become a game. Diva regularly tells me about a little boy and girl she plays with whose names I can not find anywhere in the Nursery. In return, I offer her increasingly more bizarre names to see if any of them spark any kind of memory. Diva can tell me all about all of them.

Mummy: Who did you play with today?
Diva: Don’t know.
Mummy: Ella?
Diva: Yes.
Mummy: Tom?
Diva: Yes.
Mummy: Lord Marmaduke?
Diva: Yes.
Mummy: Paddington Bear?
Diva: Yes.
Mummy: What did you play with Paddington Bear?
Diva: Puzzles. He so funny.

Today, when we were driving home, we passed a little girl wearing one of the Nursery jumpers.

Mummy: Look, that little girl goes to your Nursery. Is she one of your friends?
Diva: Yes.
Mummy: What’s her name?
Diva: Bruce.


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