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Music Class

We have been going to an excellent little music class every Monday. Diva spends it fluctuating from one extreme to another. Sometimes she sits with her back to everyone, arms folded, refusing to join in with the activities. There appears to be no discernible reason for this, I presume she occasionally takes offence at the song choice. The rest of the time she dances about in the centre of the room, the life and soul of the party. At these points she usually attempts to play more than one instrument, whilst singing, dancing and generally trying to take over.

Bruiser spends the whole time eating the instruments, or the socks of whomever he happens to be sat next to at the time.


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2 thoughts on “Music Class

  1. Ruth on said:

    Music, music, music!! Must encourage it!!! Sounds a bit hard though … get her a ukelele … that’s how I started … and look at me now!!! Unemployed!
    Love all the blogs … please keep it up!

    • Four and a Dog on said:

      We have to hide wind instruments in our house because of the effect they have on Uncle M. This is my excuse anyway.

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