Four and a Dog

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Diva Wisdom 3

1. Daddy is late because he is stuck in traffic lights. Someone needs to go and rescue him.
2. It’s not pineapple juice, it’s pine cone juice.
3. Here is your bra for your bogies.
4. No don’t turn the light off, turn the dark on.
5. If you are naughty the policeman will put you in the dungeon.
6. We can’t take Uncle M to the dinosaur museum, he will scare all the dinosaurs away.
7. It’s okay, my bruise will come off in the bath.
8. Bruiser is allowed to eat the people (I would clarify that she means toy people, but he also chews on real people too).
9. I do not have a good sleep in a shopping trolley, do I.
10. You can find the big, bad, worm by looking for big, bad, worm footprints (I dread to think).


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