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Tells It Like It Is

Yesterday I got to spend the day in a spa. There was swimming, pedicures, saunas, afternoon tea and lovely company. It was my first full day away from the children since Bruiser had been born. As I was getting ready in the morning,┬ámy emotions were a mixture of guilt and excitement…The guilt wore off.

Just before I left, Diva decided to make sure I knew exactly what she thought of the situation…

Diva: Do you love me, Mummy?

Mummy: Of course I love you. I love you lots and lots.

Diva: I love Daddy.

Mummy: (Pause) Good.

(Then, after a few more minutes…)

Diva: I love you too, Mummy.

Mummy: Thank you, sweetheart.

Diva: Can you leave your ipad?

As I said, the guilt wore off.


An Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great excitement that I am able to announce…

Bruiser has slept through the night!

It has taken almost nine months,

It may never happen again,


For one glorious night,

There was sleep.


As a parent, I sometimes really struggle with allowing my daughter to place stickers ‘incorrectly’ in her sticker books.

How old?

What do you consider to be the best way to ask someone their age?

Diva thinks you should say, “What number is in your name?”

Face Paints and Castles

During all the Jubilee celebrations, Diva got to attend a few parties. One of these was for a friend’s birthday. The party was in the local leisure centre and included food, bouncy castle, toys, dressy up clothes and face painting.

Diva loves a good bouncy castle, and this was a big bouncy castle. She did not want to come off. In fact she was the last child at the party to have her face painted, because she did not want to leave the bouncy castle. By the time she sat down to choose what her face would become, there was a room of butterfly, fairy, flower and cute puppy dog faces. When asked what Diva would like her face to be painted as, she answered, “A hippo.”

“I’m not sure I have a hippo in my face painting book,” replied the confused face painter.
“But I want to be a hippo,” insisted Diva.
“Why don’t we look through the book for something else.”
“No thank you. I want to be a hippo.”

The poor face painter girl turned to Diva’s Daddy for assistance, “I can only do it if I have a picture.”
So Hubby looked up a picture of how to do hippo face paint on google (Not to be confused with a face painted hippo. That is something completely different).

Diva really liked her hippo face. She showed EVERYONE. The face painting girl said to Diva, “Wow! I like your hippo face. Do you think everyone else will want to have a hippo face now?”
“No,” said Diva.

As far as she’s concerned, Diva has no wish to copy anyone else, so why would anyone would want to copy her?

I love my (stubborn) independent girl.

We Have a Crawler!

Bruiser has finally started to crawl. We have had been building up to this for several weeks and I am very pleased that he has done it just before he turns eight months. Why? Because I have been merrily declaring that he would be crawling by the time he reached eight months since he was about five months, and I hate to be wrong.

The build up to crawling is an odd one as, like everything to do with babies, they all seem to approach it in different ways. Diva showed no interest in moving for months. The most she would do was a circular bum shuffle. If she ever rolled on to her front, she would just cry until you put her back on her back or sat her up. Then suddenly one evening while we were getting her ready for a bath, she crawled along the landing. She then marked this momentous occasion by doing a large poo on the carpet.

Bruiser has accomplished crawling in very distinct stages. It’s almost like he’s been attending a training seminar that I don’t know about. Considering he spends nearly every second of every day attached to me, this is unlikely.

Stage one: Sitting. Bruiser liked being able to sit up. He could roll, he just didn’t like it. Unfortunately, this led to a lot of falling backwards and forwards depending on what he was trying to see/reach/eat. There would then follow the requisite crying until somebody came to help.

Stage 2: Rocking. Bruiser enjoyed rocking forwards and backwards. Eventually he learnt to put his hands down to prevent more face slams.

Stage 3: Hand balancing. Soon he was able to put his weight on to his hands for short periods of time. Often this would result in a parachute jump sprawl on the floor.

Stage 4: Bum shuffling. Bruiser learnt that by combining some rocking with some hand balancing, you could throw in a bum lift and achieve movement. It may only be movement in a circle, but it is movement.

Stage 5: Reaching. Once he had mastered the balancing, he began to reach for things and pull himself around. This is a particularly sneaky part of the process. Generally, you never see the movement in action, you just know that they are no longer in the same place that they started.

Stage 6: Backwards. For some reason, a lot of babies crawl backwards before they can go forwards. Bruiser was no exception. After reaching forwards, he would shuffle his way back until eventually he was sitting again. Sometimes he would look genuinely surprised that he’d moved.

Stage 7: Crawling. Finally Bruiser began to work out that his legs needed to move forwards as well as his arms. Currently he is still quite slow and a bit unstable, but he is definitely crawling.

Within a couple of hours I discovered a multitude of things that needed to be moved, cleaned, hidden. He may be slow at crawling but he is fast at finding things to choke on. We’re only a few days in and he’s already started to pull himself up on things. Now, instead of hitting his face on the floor, he is banging in to furniture.

I know many people dread the crawling phase, but here we are loving it! Since he has begun to crawl, Bruiser has stopped wanting to be carried everywhere and has been sleeping better at night. This makes crawling the best thing ever. A crawling household, is a happy household (unless it’s one full of bugs).

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