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Tells It Like It Is

Yesterday I got to spend the day in a spa. There was swimming, pedicures, saunas, afternoon tea and lovely company. It was my first full day away from the children since Bruiser had been born. As I was getting ready in the morning, my emotions were a mixture of guilt and excitement…The guilt wore off.

Just before I left, Diva decided to make sure I knew exactly what she thought of the situation…

Diva: Do you love me, Mummy?

Mummy: Of course I love you. I love you lots and lots.

Diva: I love Daddy.

Mummy: (Pause) Good.

(Then, after a few more minutes…)

Diva: I love you too, Mummy.

Mummy: Thank you, sweetheart.

Diva: Can you leave your ipad?

As I said, the guilt wore off.



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