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Uh oh!

Bruiser is a cruiser! The name, Bruised, may now be more appropriate.

He’s been pulling himself up on the sofa for a few weeks, but has decided to further advance his skills by pulling himself up on everything; trying to support himself with one hand whilst reaching for something he shouldn’t eat; shuffling sideways in order to reach something he really shouldn’t touch (often electrical); and occasionally balancing just enough to stand unsupported for three seconds at a time.

This is all wonderful, but exhausting.

Unfortunately Bruiser has chosen to make these advancements whilst visiting the south of France- a place not known for it’s cushioned floors. Making your first attempts at standing and walking in a land full of rocks and tiled flooring is never going to end well.

Thankfully we have a cushioned playpen that he will at least tolerate for a few minutes. Diva calls it the dunge(r)on. She regularly helps him inside and shuts the door- such a kind big sister.

Cruising is not Bruiser’s only new skill. I think there must be something about babies being out of their normal environment that results in them suddenly developing new skills. When Diva was a baby she was exactly the same. This week Bruiser has learnt to say, ‘ta (thank you)’, whenever you hand him something, or he hands something to you. He regularly claps with great enthusiasm, and is especially pleased when this elicits a round of applause from everyone else. He also randomly waves his arms and squeals like a teenage girl meeting her friends in a shopping mall (I’m hoping he hasn’t learnt that one from me).


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