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The Summer Starts Here

The problem with holidays is that eventually you have to come home. Nobody seems too impressed by this. Having spent three glorious weeks in France with access to a swimming pool, a beach, a play house and grandparents, Diva is particularly unimpressed with her lot.

Diva: We don’t have a swimming pool.
Mummy: No, we don’t.
Diva: Grandma and Grandad have a swimming pool.
Mummy: Yes, they do.
Diva: We don’t have a beach.
Mummy: Not near by, no.
Diva: Grandma and Grandad do.
Mummy: Yes, they do.
Diva: We had lots of adventures with Grandma and Grandad.
Mummy: Yes, we did.
Diva: I miss Grandma and Grandad.
Mummy: You have no idea.

Even Bruiser seems to be annoyed with me- probably because his diet of pine needles and apricots has come to an end.

Thankfully we had some distractions over the weekend, but today I was on my own, the first time in over three weeks. I had completely forgotten what it’s like to try and keep my children entertained for an entire day.

We were up and dressed by 7am and playing Peter Pan by 7.30am.

Diva/Peter Pan: Fly with me Wendy! let’s go get Cap’n ‘Ook.
Mummy/Wendy: Okay, Peter, but I don’t know how to fly.
Diva/Peter Pan: I will throw some Fairy stuff on you.
Mummy/Wendy: I can fly!
Diva/Peter Pan: Not too loud, you’ll wake the Pirates. Let’s go on the Pirate Ship. Uncle M can be Smee. Look we are on the Pirate Ship. Don’t touch anything or you will make the pirates cross.
Mummy/Wendy: Okay. Can we see some mermaids now?
Diva/Peter Pan: Yes, but they might pull you in the water so only talk to the nice ones. Here, they are next to the roller bears.
Mummy/Wendy: The roller bears?
Diva/Peter Pan: There they are in the water on their roller skates.

This game has continued ALL DAY. We went out on a long walk during which I had to swap between being Wendy and Cap’n ‘Ook. Several other members of the general public were randomly assigned pirate names and then were unknowingly made to walk the plank or chased back to their pirate ship. Bruiser had the pleasure of being Michael most of the day and I am genuinely convinced he now thinks this is his name.

We have been to a playground, done some colouring, played in the garden, hung out washing, made food together, watched TV, read some stories, walked for two miles and put all the toys to bed one at a time. It’s only day one! There is an entire summer ahead of us that I am going to need to fill. I clearly need to raise my game.

Who wants to help me make a pirate ship?


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