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Diva Wisdom 4

1. There must be somewhere else in England I could play.
2. I will have my dinner outside now (said with a dismissive wave of the hand).
3. When I am eight I will be like Mummy and Daddy.
4. I can speak French, “Bonjour, spaghetti!”
5. That is the deep end of the swimming pool and that is the shadow end.
6. When I have a poo poo they will be straight because I had chips.
7. (Whilst looking at a friend’s wedding picture) You’re lining up because it isn’t your turn to get married yet.
8. When I hurt myself at Nursery, Mrs. D gave me a cold princess to put on it (cold compress).
9. Daddy is good at wiggling the car. Mummy is good at putting things in the oven (notice how she didn’t say I was good at cooking).
10. Sometimes I can ride on a horse but they won’t let me ride on a chicken because they’re too little.

Apologies that it has been such a long time since my last post. I have lots of really good excuses, some of which are even true. Rest assured that there are still more tales of family life to come.


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One thought on “Diva Wisdom 4

  1. auntier on said:

    Love it all. Sorry we couldn’t be there, but it sounds as though we’d have disappeared under the general (wonderful) happenings anyway. In fact, we were there. You just couldn’t see us. Under the cakes. Or over the cakes.

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