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Diva Wisdom 5

1. I dream about fairies and dinosaurs and rectangles.
2. If my bed was made of glass it would be very delicate and I would have to lie very carefully.
3. I will come dressed as Tangled and everyone else will come dressed as humans.
4. Sometimes I have dreams when I am awake. There is another Avalon and she is dancing.
5. Aeroplanes have wings like a bird but they don’t flap them like a bird.
6. Your arms go through the arm sleeves and your head goes through the head sleeve.
7. Mummy, you look like a sponge.*
8. The Queen is a statue and you put money in her pot and she moves…and dances!
9. Pretend the hair cutter slipped and cut bears feet off (what?) then we can sew them back on tomorrow.
10. Your neck is all wobbly like jelly.*

*Essentially, I am a trifle.

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