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Diva wisdom 6

Because it’s been awhile…

1. A carpark is where all the cars sit and wait for their humans.
2. I like the movie Gate Open (Beethoven).
3. An optopus has 8 legs and can see really well.
4. The Queen has to go to the toilet very quickly.
5. Blublarb is a drink that is fizzy and when you drink it it goes, ‘blu, blu, blu’, until all the bubbles pop. That is what Blublarb is. (This explanation came after Diva mispronounced, ‘rhubarb’ and was not keen on being corrected).
6. Some people might not be able to choose if they have girl babies or boy babies, but I will. I will have two boys and one girl.
7. Ironman is a superhero because he is good at ironing.
8. Sometimes I have choices, but I don’t want choices.
9. Bruiser says he wants some chocolate for us.
10. The moon is coming for a sleepover in the garden. Is that okay?

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