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End of Act One

Whilst driving home from school today, Diva began to sing a song of her own creation. It involved dinosaurs and superheroes. I believe they were flying, and thinking about tomorrow, and saving people. It was even quite tuneful in places.

Bruiser copies Diva in most things, so naturally began to sing a song of his own creation too. His was about apples and bananas. Once in awhile there was a mention of twinkle twinkle little star and lobsters. His was not quite so tuneful.

I listened to it for a quite awhile…

and then decided to join in. My song was about driving the car and lack of sleep. It involved clouds, people that don’t indicate and children that won’t sleep. Mine changed key three times (unintentionally).

As we pulled up to the house, and we reached a crescendo, I thought how it was not dissimilar to the closing number of act one in Les Miserables.

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