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Six Reasons Neverland Sucks

Diva loves Peter Pan. She has recently watched the live action version. I thought it would be too scary but she told me to, “Calm down Mummy, it’s not real.”

After watching the movie I said, “So Peter Pan decides he doesn’t want to stay because he doesn’t want to grow-up.”


“Because he would rather stay a little boy forever in Neverland.”

She then gave me six reasons that this was stupid:

1. Nobody ever eats in Neverland.
2. Nobody drinks in Neverland.
3. There are no toys there.
4. If you grow-up you get to have a job.
5. When you grow-up you get to make paintings (I want to point out that we never deny her the opportunity to paint).
6. In Neverland your clothes get misty and broken.
7. In Neverland there are no mummies and daddies. *

* I may have made this last one up….but I’m sure it’s what she wanted to say…deep down…

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