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Conversations With The Moon

We have a long tradition of talking to the moon. It began many moons (ha ha! I am so very funny) when Diva first asked about the moon and I showed her the face that is often visible on its surface.

Once we had established that there was a face, Diva immediately struck up a conversation. I obviously replied in my best moon voice, trying to guess what a moon would eat for breakfast ( it’s crumpets by the way). Hubby and I were also very pleased to discover that we use a similar voice when speaking for the moon. For those of you unsure about how the moon sounds, I suggest you tune in to Sarah and Duck. However, I must point out that we have been using that voice for much longer than the shows existence. Clearly we are all in agreement that the moon is an eccentric, posh English man.

Once Bruiser was able to talk, he also joined in with these conversations. Mostly they occur whilst driving in the car, or in parks surrounded by confused looking parents that slowly move their children towards alternative equipment. The moon also regularly watches movies with us and asks to sleep in our garden.

Tonight we went to an outdoor screening of a movie. It was so much fun getting wrapped up and sitting around little campfires and candles, eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate. You should all definitely do it. On the way there, we became aware that Bruiser was using a strange voice to talk to Diva. After listening for awhile we realised that he was trying to do the voice for the moon. Diva was explaining where we were going and ‘Moon’ was asking if he could come too.

In all honesty, this may have been my proudest moment as a parent yet. Next we will have to work on their comic timing.

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