Four and a Dog

A blog about family life

Bruiser Conversations

Bruiser: What do we get from sheeps?

Me: Wool.

Bruiser: What is wool?

Me: It’s like a sheep’s fur. Once a year the sheep have a haircut and people use the wool to make into other thinks like blankets and jumpers. 

Bruiser: Why don’t we get oranges from sheep?

Me: (pause) Because oranges grown on trees…not sheep.

Bruiser: Oh…they’re not banana shaped.

Me: (pause) The oranges?

Bruiser: Yes.

Me: No, oranges are round.

Bruiser: Do sheep like banana milkshakes?

Me: I don’t know. I’ve never asked.

Bruiser: Dave* does.

*I have no idea who Dave is or if he is a sheep.

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