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The Muppets are awesome! I’ve loved them forever and ever. There is nothing that couldn’t be improved by the addition of a Muppet… Okay, there might be one or two things that might become a little freaky with the addition of a Muppet, but most things are made great by a Muppet appearance.

This weekend the new Muppet movie was released. Diva obviously really wanted to go. Okay, Hubby and I really wanted to go and managed to persuade Diva that she really wanted to go too. Bruiser was a little reluctant but I promised him milk. He really likes milk.

The movie was fantastic. I can not recommend it enough. If you used to watch the Muppets at all you will love it. There are some hilarious cameos and great, catchy songs. Go and see it! I was worried about Bruiser finding it too noisy but he fell asleep through the first half and loved all the music in the second half. Every time I walked in the opposite direction he would strain his neck trying to see the screen. Hubby and I left totally elated.

Diva wasn’t quite so keen on the movie. We had our suspicions that it would probably go completely over her head, but hoped that the puppets and music would be enough to maintain her interest. Apparently they were just too loud. On the plus side she really enjoyed sitting on her booster seat, keeping her drink in a cup holder and eating unicorns (popcorn).

Clearly I need to work on Diva’s indoctrination…I mean appreciation of the muppets.


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